About Leanne Parrant

Owner & Director of Bee Bookkeeping

Leanne knows how to translate accountancy jargon into easy-to-understand language.  She is a registered BAS Agent and has a Diploma in Accounting.


Leanne is a certified Xero partner and her team are qualified and experienced Xero specialists.




Leanne understands the importance of clear communication for transparency and trust. 

Communicate with Leanne by:

  • Phone

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Upon proceeding with Bee Balanced Bookkeeping, Leanne will provide:


  • Assessment: A clear picture of your current financial status

  • Improvement: Bring your records up to date, whilst creating workable structures with ease of access.

  • Maintenance: Take on the mundane, but necessary tasks to keep your business finances on track.

"Plan the future: Manage the present: Gain freedom and a balanced lifestyle."

- Leanne Parrant 

Bee Balanced Bookkeeping | Bookkeeping Services

Let us get your life and finances in balance.

Our proven range of services is designed to help free up your time and focus on the things are important to you.  We take the worry and stress out of managing your business finances.  While you're taking care of your business, we'll be busy taking care of your paperwork, getting then keeping, your records up to date, creating reports and offering recommendations for improvement where necessary.  We'll keep you and your business finances on track!

Bee Balanced Bookkeeping | Bookkeeping Services

Where do we start?

Bookkeeping requires a methodical and systemised process to keep all records in order. But as every business is unique in their own way, it's important that we gain a good understanding of your business and your requirements as a business owner.  There are 3 simple steps to getting started.

Bee Balanced Bookkeeping | Bookkeeping Services

Step 1 - Assessment


No obligation consultation

We'll come to your workplace or home to chat about your needs and take a look at your current bookkeeping set up.  In this FREE session, we may suggest some immediate improvements, but most importantly get a clearer picture of your situation so that we can accurately recommend how we can go forward.  Oh, and of course, it's a great opportunity for you to establish whether you think we're the right match for your business.


Step 2 - Improvement.


Getting things in order.

Based on the initial assessment step, we'll be focused on getting your books up to date and streamlined.  The more work done in these early stages will set us up for a smooth transition and get you back on track without too much fuss or stress.  How much time it takes to get things up to date will depend on the size of your business, the current state of your bookkeeping, how much 'recovery' is required and how frequently we work on your project.


Step 3 - Maintenance.


Going forward in leaps and bounds.

At this stage, it's all about looking forward and continuing with best practice bookkeeping to ensure your business finances remain, not only up to date, but accurate and transparent.  This is where you get to see clearly, where your business finances are truly at.  Your employees will enjoy being paid on time and obligations will be met as far as the ATO and Superannuation is concerned.  We'll liaise with your accountant to ensure your books are delivered in an orderly fasion and address any queries he/she may have.  We'll even help you understand what those Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements actually mean, by translating that jargon into easy-to-understand language.

Ready to get started?.


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