On a roll with Payroll.

At Bee Balanced Bookkeeping we recommend Xero Accounting Software to our clients. One of the reasons is the amount of information they provide on the financial aspects of your business

Take payroll for example. Xero not only provides the system so you can manage your payroll with ease, they also have loads or relevant information and training videos online. You can have the information you need at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Payroll can be a headache but when you understand what is required, you can save yourself a whole lot of worry.

Take a look at the information Xero provides on Payroll Compliance. There are basic requirements that apply to most companies, but there may be some specific issues that apply to your company.

See more of the information here:

Payroll is one thing you just can’t muck around with. Not only will you have to deal with unhappy employees, you could land yourself in costly litigation against The Fairwork Ombudsman leading to hefty fines.

Contact Bee Balanced Bookkeeping to find out how we can set up your payroll with Xero, provide training and keep you up-to-date with payroll issues that affect you.

We’ll help you get on a roll with your payroll!

We do the work you hate!

Leanne Parrant

Bee Balanced Bookkeeping

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