I have no life, I have a business!

Many of you may be planning to have a holiday ….. one day when.

  • When you reach this year’s targets.

  • When you’ve earned a certain amount.

  • When you get some time.

  • When you actually get a life.

Being passionate about your business can be a trap!

You can end up spending more time in the office than you do with your family. You can miss important events that mean a lot to your friends. You can appear in the front door at night, only to head straight to the book work after dinner.

This not only makes you a very boring person to be around, you can end up sick!

At Bee Balanced Bookkeeping, we’re about giving people a life so they can have time to enjoy the best things in life - like your family, friends, hobbies and holidays.

Give yourself some time off by giving us the responsibility of managing your book work. We love it and we’ll set it up so you’ll have even more time to relax.

Regain the balance between your business and all those other things that matter. Besides, aren’t they the reason you’re in business?

Contact Bee Balanced Bookkeeping and talk to us about we can help you have balance in your life.

We do the work you hate!

Leanne Parrant

Bee Balanced Bookkeeping

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